Miroslav Kabát

.NET Programmer • CFD Engineer

I created this webpage for my bussiness partners and friends to better undestanding what I do and which technologies I use.

This makes it easier for us to jointly define the area of my work in the IT and engineering world. Together we can establish relevant cooperation in projects that make sense to both of us.

If we don't know each other yet, you can download my CV, watch my Youtube or check out some of my projects that are posted on GitHub.

What is my job?

SW Development

I am programing a very wide range of applications on the C# .NET platform. From CRUD apps to custom numerical solvers based on machine learning.

My current focus is WPF in .NET Core now. However, I spent a long time on WinForm apps and CAx plugins. I have experience with Unity3D, ASP .NET Core websites (also MVC in NopCommerce project).

professionally since 2015

Engineering and Simulations

I am solving numerical simulations of fluid flow in power equipment and aviation. It is my big hobby!

I have experience with ANSYS Fluent & CFx, OpenFOAM, Star-CCM+ and Autodesk CFD. That gives me pretty good overlap in CFD field.

professionally since 2012


If you are interested in my projects, you are solving similar problems at work, you can imagine me in your team or you just want to discuss what you are solving - you can write an email or call me.


Miroslav Kabát

Husova 290
384 21 Husinec

Štefánikova 1262/16
326 00 Plzeň

Czech Data Box:

+420 607 624 470

Unity3D WebGL CAD viewer

I created own CAD Viewer in Unity3D (C# .NET) platform. This app can be simply published in web browser (WebGL). Motivation in this project was about create static - forever free - alternative against Autodesk Configurator360.

Valuable and core of CAD Viewer is in View cube, UI buttons, rendering triangular mesh and possibility of communication between web browser and CAD Viewer via JavaScript.

WebCAD Ventil

Live Preview - Valve

  • Unity3D
  • Visual Studio
  • C# .NET
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • javasript
  • GitHub
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CFD Simulations

Computational Fluid Dynamics and numerical simulations in general is my big hobby. From all fields of study - which I met in my professional life - I have deepest knowledge in CFD.

I worked a really long time with ANSYS Fluent / CFx and Autodesk CFD. But now is my favorite CFD tool OpenFOAM and Star-CCM+.

I use not only classic models like RANS family, but I have experience with LES Smagorinsky and some other subscale models. Little preview in video bellow.

I am building youtube channel about CFD in OpenFOAM for Czech users. I hope it helps to entry level CFD Engineers in Czech Republic.

  • OpenFOAM
  • SnappyHexMesh
  • Helyx-OS
  • ParaView
  • SalomeMeca
  • Python
  • UnixShell
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Design Automation iLogic & ETO

Industry 4.0 with automation of automatable in whole engineering & manufacturing is nice stuff. Design Automation can boost design process, clean up errors and human made mistakes and also remove automatable repetitive and boring work.

Scripting, creating macros and plugins in CAD is next step after successful implementation of parametric modeling. Return of Investment is really fast and can be measured in weeks!

  • (C# | VB) .NET
  • Autodesk Inventor iLogic
  • Configurator 360
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Add-ins & Plugins for Autodesk Inventor & SolidWorks

Design Automation, small macros and iLogic scripts are helpful. If you are building little bit bigger projects, it is much better jump in to own plugin and customize whole CAD application for your purpose. It is not only about automation of drawings and CAD models, but about building own module, which can help you save lots of time and human-made mistakes and help you in pre- and post- processing of generation CAD data.

I successfully publish NACA Profile Generator in Autodesk App store, this tool was tested and validated by Autodesk.

  • (C# | VB) .NET
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • SolidWorks
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unity3d preview

Live Preview - eshop

I wanted have my own eshop with PC games for most of my life. I started with fulfilling this dream in beginning 2019.

I choose super popular ASP .NET MVC as platform for this project.

Web app is in development, but I hope it will be finished until Christmas 2019.

  • C# .NET
  • Entity Framework
  • MS Azure
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Configurator360 Integration

Configurator360 Brány

Live Preview - Configurator360

Preview above represent possibility of embedding Autodesk Configurator 360 in to web app with JavaScript UI inside ASP .NET.

For parametric modelling was used Autodesk Inventor iLogic imported in to C360.

A used technology lets us wrapping core of C360 by web app, which is used for pre- and post- processing. Own core of C360 app is minimalistic and it is used for cloud CAD and drawing generation.

This combination is adding benefits of own framework and C360. C360 can be replaced by own framework made in Unity3D which was introduced in one of mine previous projects.

  • Configurator360
  • Visual Studio
  • C# .NET
  • ASP .NET
  • GitHub
  • JavaScript
  • Autodesk Inventor iLogic
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